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Sallier de la Tour Syrah

Sallier de la Tour Syrah

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Ex-Pereto vineyard has a soil characterized by a clayey texture (14.4% sand and 32.5% clay), therefore humid in spring and dry in summer, which gives it a medium vigor. The South-West exposure guarantees good brightness and warmth in summer. It is a soil very rich in potassium, which enhances grapes ripening and the accumulation of sugars, aromas and anthocyanins. A medium vigor that allows, according to the characteristics of the vintage, to obtain both full-bodied red wines or fresh, ready-to-drink and rosé wines.


Vintage: 2020

Bottled by the winemaker Tasca D'Almerita. Production zone: Tenuta Sallier de La Tour - Monreale - Sicily, Italy.

13,5% vol, 75 cl.

Contains sulfites.

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