Welcome to Casa My Cooking Box!

"There's always room for an extra seat at the table!"

This is our mantra: living and working every day in that convivial atmosphere that you breathe in family lunches or dinners with friends. We are lovers of good food, innovators of flavors and demanding guests. We take on every challenge... especially when it comes to trying new recipes in the kitchen!

Our history

The success of a start-up born from the passion of a young Italian.

When it all began

Chiara puts the best recipes of Italian cuisine in a do-it-yourself box. Her culinary passion becomes a company, My Cooking Box.

On our tables

The Boxes arrive in the homes of Italians, giving families an experience to cook and share.

Beyond the border

We have taken our beloved Italian cuisine to over 20 countries abroad. Since then, our German friends can't do without the Calabrian Box Fileja.

More and more green

We have converted our packaging to sustainable materials to be ever more environmentally conscious.

We are the secret ingredient!

Our recipe is made of precious and well-dosed ingredients: courage, the one Chiara had when, in 2015, she decided to give life to this enterprise; dynamism and flexibility, the strong point of our days; quality and precision, the same that we apply when selecting the products that make up our gourmet boxes.

And finally, a pinch of madness to be true innovators in the world of meal kits in Italy and abroad.

Zero Waste

The sustainable commitment

Ingredients in the right doses to fight food waste and less plastic to protect the environment.

The essential ingredients

Our values

Respect, Italianness, Growth, Excellence, Transparency, Team and Audacity. In every recipe we create, in every recipe box we package, in everything we do.

Join us!

Our team is like a kitchen brigade: everyone is essential to ensure the success of a recipe.

Join our «brigade»!

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