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Madama Rosè Rosato Sallier de la Tour

Madama Rosè Rosato Sallier de la Tour

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The Vigna Tenuta Grande has a soil characterized by a silty texture (26.8% sand and 22.5% clay), capable of maintaining moisture for a long time, which gives the vine greater vigor. A west exposure ensures coolness and brightness during summer season. The magnesium/potassium ratio is particularly balanced, favoring the metabolism of sugars and proteins, as well as the accumulation of chlorophyll and carotenes pigments. The greater vigor of the grape shifts the ripening towards a fresher quality, less alcoholic and with less structure, more suitable for fresh vintage wines and rosé wines.

Bottled by winemaker Tasca d'Almerita. Production zone: : Tenuta Sallier de La Tour – Monreale (PA) – Sicily, Italy.

Vintage: 2020

12,5% vol, 75 cl. 

Contains sulfites.

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