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Why is our pesto alla genovese so irresistible?

Il miglior pesto alla genovese: scopri la ricetta per cucinare le tipiche trofie al pesto liguri

The dilemma of the day in our office is very clear: our pesto alla genovese is truly irresistible. After extensive internal investigations, we figured out the 3 reasons that make our - we do not regret saying it - the best pesto alla genovese you will try, at least today.

Let's begin!

1. Basil

Basil for Genoese pesto recipe

Yes, but not simple basil, Basilico Genovese DOP . So fresh that it smells of Liguria and when you taste it you seem to see the sea. It will be that it is grown directly in Liguria, it will be that it is processed by an old family business in La Spezia, it will be that it is really good.

2. But also everything else

Ingredients needed to cook the Ligurian pesto recipe without garlic or with

Actually, we really like everything about Genoese pesto. The extra virgin olive oil , which gives the right creamy texture and helps keep the pesto fresh longer. The Parmigiano Reggiano , which never completely melts in the sauce and leaves those little bits that you can feel in every spoonful. Pecorino Romano DOP , which can never be missing because it gives that strong flavor that enriches Parmigiano Reggiano even more. And the garlic . Yes, because we know that the world is divided into Genoese pesto without garlic and with, but we are absolute purists and we could never deprive ourselves of such a precious ingredient.

3. The thousand and one recipes with Genoese pesto

recipe for trofie with homemade Genoese pesto

With a bruschetta, on top of focaccia, on top of pizza, with pasta, with a spoon as if it were ice cream… here at Casa My Cooking Box we eat pesto with anything! But if you really want to know, our favorite recipe is Ligurian trofiette with Genoese pesto and toasted pine nuts . We love them so much that we've created both two-person and five-person versions.