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5 things celiacs don't want to hear anymore

giornata internazionale della celiachia ricette senza glutine con pasta gluten free

Today is International Celiac Day and Alice, our Social Media Manager who has been living with this intolerance for some time now, hasn't missed the opportunity to remind us what are the things that perhaps we should stop asking her and the answers that always dreamed of giving us.

Let's begin!

1. How celiac are you?

Spoiler alert: there are no tolerable breadcrumbs. Well yes, there is neither a Junior Celiac nor a Senior Celiac, but as our Alice reminds us " we are all equal with celiac disease ". Those who follow a gluten-free diet can never transgress their diet. No, not even if your co-worker brought brioches for his birthday... at least there's also a gluten-free version: in this case, he really loves you!

Gluten-free brioches

2. How do you eat gluten-free? I would never do it.

Because that's what heroes do ”. This is Alice's favorite answer, which is the same one she gives when we ask her how she managed to assemble such an incredible reel in such a short time.

3. But if you accidentally eat a cookie with gluten, what happens?

" What happens to me when I publish a post wrong: I die inside. " If among the things celiacs eat there is no gluten it is precisely because its intake does not cause anything good. NEVER.

4. If I make a cake with wheat flour, I swear you won't notice!

"It's the same thing my colleagues think when they steal my precious stationery items without returning them: yes, I notice it!".

5. How do you live without pasta and pizza?

Certified gluten-free pasta with cod and truffle cream for quick and easy gluten-free recipes

" I live without gluten, not without pasta and pizza ". And if you still think that gluten-free recipes aren't easy or good, maybe it's because you've never tried ourEmilian Tagliatelle with cod and truffle cream . One of our first recipes for celiacs, but above all our Alice's favourite.

That said, happy International Celiac Day! I don't know about you, but we will never ask these questions again.