About us

My Cooking Box

My Cooking Box is a young start-up born with the intent of researching high quality products and cooking them easily, without wasteWe want to offer a new product that allows you to appreciate the culinary wealth of our countryenhancing the recipes and the right combination of quality ingredients. We carefully select all the raw materials, evaluating their origin, the manufacturing process and the final quality. We study in detail the tastiest recipes of the Italian tradition and carefully test them with our Chefs.

Experimenting with new combinations, My Cooking Box wants to tell the scents of the territory and their storiesWe assemble and package every single box, suggesting the same craftsmanship value of the ingredients in the package.

My Cooking Box conveys the emotions of the colors, aromas and flavors of the different regions of Italy: open your box and experience cooking like a great chef!


Vision & Mission

Bringing the quality of Italian cuisine to the table of every home in the world, simply with one box.

Creating experiences to make people feel good by stimulating taste and spirit with a table set whose ingredients are perfectly balanced and carefully selected from the best in Italy to create an exclusive and high quality recipe.



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