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DOC Sweet Passito Calosi Malvasia Delle Lipari

DOC Sweet Passito Calosi Malvasia Delle Lipari

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Respecting the ancient wine tradition of the Aeolian Islands, this wine is born, with a warm and velvety flavor with a slight tannicity, excellent structure and great balance. Golden color tending to amber with a bouquet of fresh fruit ranging from apricot to fig, honey, almonds followed by floral sensations of jasmine. It goes well with dry desserts and spoon. Perfect with blue cheeses. Excellent meditation and dessert wine.

Vintage: 2015 

Cantine Colosi

Bottled by Cantine Colosi s.r.l, Messina, Giammoro.

It contains sulfites.

13% vol., 37,5 cl

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