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Trio of sweets and pastry accessories set

Trio of sweets and pastry accessories set

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Gourmands come forward: chocolate, hazelnut, caramel and dried fruit. With our dedicated baking kit you will have all the ingredients to prepare three delicious desserts. Thanks to the professional accessories in the kit you can express all your creativity in the kitchen just like a real chef!

Use the micro-perforated silicone mat for your baked recipes and the silicone moulds for sweet and savoury mignons.

Discover the kit:

- Details Mat:

Silicone material

Dimensions 380 x 300 mm

The presence of micro-holes facilitates optimal heat distribution

- Details Moulds:

Silicone material

Unique format 175x300 mm

Resistant from -40° to +280°.

Dimensions: ø 30 mm h 17 mm

- Piedmontese Miacce

- Creamy Hazelnut Cake

- Salted Caramel Mousse

*click on each recipe to discover the ingredients.

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