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Features of the box

Kcal: 266

My Cooking Box Aperitif

My Cooking Box Aperitif

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The Aperitivo My Cooking Box is tailor-made for all those who love to share a gourmet home-made aperitif with their friends. Open the box and serve our selection of delicious homemade products: onion taralli, radicchio sauce, chilli peppers with tuna and more for a carefree Italian moment!

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What's in the box

"Bella di Cerignola" green olive 290 g - drained weight 190 g

Chili peppers with tuna paste 180 g - drained weight 130 g

Radicchio sauce 200 g

Extra virgin olive oil crackers with natural sea salt 20 ml

Onion taralli 100 g

Porcini mushrooms taralli 100 g

Roasted corn 100 g

Nutritional values

Energia 1113 kJ / 266 kcal;

Grassi 16 g di cui acidi grassi saturi 2,4 g;

Carboidrati 27 g di cui zuccheri 1,4 g;

Fibre 1,0 g;

Proteine 4,2 g;

Sale 1,4 g



May contain traces of celery, lupins, milk and derivates, nuts, soy, eggs, sesame and derivates, peanuts.

Details and Conservation

GREEN OLIVES "BELLA DI CERIGNOLA" (Ingredients: "La Bella di Cerignola" green olives (63%) (Origin: Italy), water, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid; antioxidant: ascorbi acid) 290 g - drained weight 190 g - After openine store in the fridge at +4°C and consume within 4 days.

CHILI PEPPERS WITH TUNA PASTE (Ingredients: Chili peppers (40%),extra virgin olive oil, tuna (18%) (Origin: EU and not EU), capers, anchovies, dried parsley, wine vinegar, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid) 180 g - drained weight 130 g - After opening, keep it in the fridge at +4°C and consume within a few days.

RADICCHIO SAUCE (Ingredients: Red radicchio (65%), sunflower oil, pepper, onion, garlic, sugar, salt, mixture of aromatic plants and speciein changeable proportion, wine (sulphites), yeast extract, natural flavors, acidity regulator: citric and lactic acid) 200 g - After opening, keep it in the fridge at +4°C and consume within a few days. 

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL CRACKERS WITH NATURAL SEA SALT (Ingredients:  Wheat flour (Origin: Italy), extra virgin olive oil (13%), natural sea salt of Cervia (1,3%), rasing agent (disodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate)) 120 g

ONION TARALLI (Ingredients:Type 1  wheat flour (Origin: Italy), white wine (sulphites), whole  wheat semolina Senatore Cappelli, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, water, salt, onion slices (1%), fresh yeast) 100 g

TARALLI AI PORCINI (Ingredients:Type 1  wheat flour (Origin: Italy), white wine (sulphites), whole  wheat semolina Senatore Cappelli, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, water, salt, porcini mushrooms (1%), fresh yeast) 100 g

ROASTED CORN (Corn (85%), salt, sunflower oil) 100 g

Store the box in a cool and dry place. Keep away from heat sources.

Produced and packaged by Ricetta Italiana S.R.L, via M. Buonarroti 28/30, Gorle (BG), Italy.

*Image is for illustration purposes only.

Features of the box

Kcal: 266
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Our search for the best ingredients

All ready to be cooked

Chili peppers with tuna

Our aperitif box begins with spicy and tasty peppers stuffed with tuna, a perfect appetizer to kick off an aperitif with friends.

Taralli onion and porcini

Onion or porcini mushrooms, when you start to taste our taralli you will never stop. Handcrafted with Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina!

Crackers with radicchio sauce

Crunchy bread puffs seasoned with a tasty red radicchio cream prepared with an ancient manufacturing technique by a historic Italian company.

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