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Ligurian Trofiette

2 portions

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Take Care with Peanuts and Excèlsa
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    • Region: Liguria
    • Preparation time: 25 min
    • Kcal: 715
    • water and kitchen utensils
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    Il progetto

    Il progetto Take Care with Peanuts promuove tre messaggi di fondamentale importanza: Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other, Take Care of the Earth; ovvero Prenditi Cura di te Stesso, Prenditi cura l'uno dell'altro e Prenditi Cura della Terra.
    Grazie alla simpatica compagnia della Peanuts Gang, riscoprire la gioia di prendersi cura di sè stessi e di tutto ciò che ci circonda sarà ancora più divertente.

    My Cooking Box sostiene il progetto Take Care of Yourself, perchè poter realizzare un piatto da veri chef è la più grande soddisfazione che si può dare a sè stessi per regalarsi una coccola di gusto!

    What does it contain?

    Find out all ingredients details

    Pesto Genovese
    Genoese Pesto
    Pine Nuts
    Olio Extra vergine d'Oliva
    Extra Virign Olive Oil
    Cristalli di Sale Marino
    Crystals of sea salt
    Pepe Nero
    Dark Pepper

    Trofiette 200 g

    Genoese Pesto 90 g

    Pine nuts20 g

    Extra virgin olive oil 20 ml

    Crystals of sea salt 20 g

    Dark pepper 0,3 g

    • Nuts
    • Milk
    • Eggs

    May contain eggs protein, nuts and products thereof.

    Energy 1742,40 kJ / 418 kcal;

    Fat 21,7 g of which saturates 2,9 g;

    Carbohydrate 45 g of which sugar 2,03 g;

    Fiber 3,3 g;

    Protein 9 g;

    Salt 0,89 g

    TROFIETTE (Ingredients: Semolina pasta of wheat durum (Country of coltivation and milling: Italy), water) 200 g

    GENOESE PESTO (Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 47%, Genoese basil D.O.P. 28%, Parmesan cheese D.O.P. (milk, salt, rennet), nuts, Pecorino Romano cheese D.O.P. (milk, salt, rennet), pine nuts, garlic, salt, acidity regolator: citric acid; ascorbic acid; sorbic acid) 90 g

    ITALIAN PINE NUTS (Origin: Italy) 20 g

    OLIO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (Origin: Italy) 20 ml

    CRYSTALS OF SEA SALT (Origin: Italy) 20 g

    DARK PEPPER 0,3 g

    May also contain traces of other nuts and egg protein.


    Store the box in a cool, dry place away from heat sources. All products inside the box are to be used and consumed simultaneously with the preparation of the recipe.

    Product packaged by Ricetta Italiana S.R.L, via M. Buonarroti 28/30, Gorle (BG), Italy.

    Clicca sui bollini per scoprire le storie e i viaggi che si nascondono all’interno della box dedicata al Risotto alla milanese.


    The final touch is given by the crispness of the pine nuts: a highly sought-after and delicate seed, harvested exclusively in Italy to guarantee its quality, flavour and beneficial properties. Our journey has led us to discover new flavors and traditions, now it’s up to you to relive it!


    To find the perfect ingredients for this box, our journey began with the search for the best Ligurian trophies, a renowned pasta format whose history seems to date back to the Crusades.

    Pesto Ligure

    Guided by the scent of basil and the colours of the city of La Spezia, we selected a unique pesto, produced by a company that from father to son follows with passion and attention the production from the sowing of basil to its processing.

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