the location

Sicily enjoys an extraordinary climate which enables the cultivation of genuine quality, quality
which is today recognised all over the world. Flavours and fragrances that were inspired by a
succession of cultures throughout the centuries: from the Greeks to the Spanish domination,
every era adding a new level of tradition to the island's cuisine, resulting in a cultural heritage
which continues to be safeguarded by Sicilians today.

the story

Sicily, Italy’s biggest island. A land that let you make a trip through the use and habits still bounded to the tradition. In this adventure you will find a special place reserved for the search for the tastes and flavours, which are able to give you the same feelings of a sunset by the sea. Flavours, that will astonish even the finest tastes.

The cannellini beans cream is a simple ans soft appetizer, which is made intense by the combination with anchovies. These will bring on your table the true flavours of the mediterranean sea.

These are the protagonists of the whole typical sicilian dinner, and they are also key-ingredient of the durum wheat spaghetti pasta, which you will find together with the freshness of the tomatoe sauce.

A simple but refined dinner. A dinner that will make your evening magic.

    The ingredients

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    We have been at the forefront of excellence since 1906. We are the oldest Italian company
    operating in the preserved seafood sector and have been selecting and processing anchovies
    with artisanal skill for five generations, using all the time it takes: that’s our secret, which only true food lovers appreciate!

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