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    The magnificence of the Amalfi Coast, a stretch of coast in Campania where sea and flower perfumed small characteristic towns are gathered in a charming maze of alleyways.

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    The art of preserving what the earth provides has its roots in the tradition of Magna Graecia.

    And this is just how our Yellow Tomato is prepared in Carpaccio, in the heart of the Cilento region: with no preservatives or chemical additives and rich in beta-carotene, it maintains its natural properties and is perfect for exalting the flavour of the tuna belly, the most delicious part of the fish.

    Appreciated by connoisseurs for its fine flavour and delicate aroma, the tuna belly is prepared in the traditional way of the Amalfi Coast, starting with the selection of the Mediterranean tuna, the famous Bluefin, the absolute best for the flavour of its red meats.

    A perfect marriage if we add our “mezzi paccheri di Gragnano” pasta to the yellow tomato and tuna belly. An expert pasta maker, belonging to a historic family of pasta makers, sifts the durum wheat flour to check the purity of the product, adds water from the Faito mountain spring to create our pasta, which is then drawn through a bronze die and dried slowly to give it that particular roughness that goes perfectly with the sauce.

    To enrich the delicate flavours, capers add all the aromas of the Mediterranean and the volcanic earth that produced these ingredients gives them that special flavour that can’t be found anywhere else.


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      Chef-patron of the restaurant Il Saraceno in Cavernago (Bergamo), Roberto Proto is always looking for new dishes and the excellence in the selection of raw materials. His cuisine reflect his origins in Campania region, but his creativity take him to interpret the traditional seafood dishes in a new and modern way. His restaurant has been reviewed by the guidebook of the italian journal l’Espresso, by the Critica Golosa of Lombardy and, in 2014, it gained the prestigious reward of Guida Michelin.

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